• We are proud to power the business of PSI-Pay Ltd, an FCA regulated payment solutions provider.

  • We offer nearshore and offshore outsourcing services as well as consultancy in the field of financial and digital strategy to over 100 clients Worldwide.

PSI Holdings Ltd is a global business, Leading Player in Financial Transaction processing and IT Solution Industry. We are providing quality, cutting-edge IT solutions, business process analysis services and administration of payment processing systems to our global clientele. Our expertise lies in leveraging our fast ability to learn your business such that we can provide you with innovative, customized turn-key solutions that fit your business. Read more

For 10 years, PSI Holdings has been helping financial service companies perform better at acquiring, analyzing, managing, and reporting an increasingly complex flow of qualitative and quantitative data. We have provided architecture design, software application development, testing, rollout and integration to venture capital and private equity organizations, financial information services companies, insurers, as well as independent software vendors serving the industry. Read more