The alternative to banking


PSI-Pay offers solutions to a wide range of corporate and commercial needs.

We work closely with our customers to integrate the PSI-Pay platform with their existing systems, and provide a convenient way to reduce costs, increase efficiency and strengthen their brand.

One-stop issuing sponsorship

We offer exclusive BIN and bank account to each and every program manager.

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Co-branded affinity partnerships

A range of payment services and added value services to enhance your brand.

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Travel money

A secure card based payment solution eliminating Travellers Cheques and cash.

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Multicurrency capability

A single card solution offering a variety of currencies depending on your needs.

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Fraud detection engine

PSI-Pay’s robust Fraud Detection Engine is a state-of-the-art web based tool.

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Payroll & expenses

Our platform offers multiple benefits to companies and employees alike.

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Customer loyalty

Complement your brand with the cutting-edge approach to customer loyalty.

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Limited loop / Private label Programs

Our solution gives the security of the MasterCard network but without the use of their brand.

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